Four Corners Rugs - Handwoven Rugs of Distinction

About us

For centuries, rug traders, scholars and collectors have travelled to the far corners of the Middle East in search of beautiful, handwoven rugs. They have sought out rugs of the highest quality made by tribal peoples from far-flung villages and nomads, who weave patterns and designs that have been passed down through the generations. Through their experiences and travel across these lands, traders developed insights into which rugs are of the highest quality, and which would be the most desirable.

For over 40 years, Four Corners Rugs has travelled in the ways of the old traders, with the same passion we personally choose rugs from the best selection available throughout the weaving centres of Turkey, Iran (Persian), Afghanistan and the Caucasus region.

Our distinctive collection is gathered with our experience, knowledge and understanding of what will be sought-after and admired; rugs that will suit our needs in all aspects of decor; rugs that will be investments, and rugs that will become heirlooms; rugs that families will live with and live on; rugs that will stand the test of time, because in many cases they already have.

Four Corners has visited thousands of homes throughout New Zealand where we offer the convenience of our unique home consultation service. You can view any selection and experience the splendour, colour and charm of our truly distinctive collection. We believe any decision should be enjoyable, stress less and include the best range of choices. As we are not retailers, we can offer the best quality at the fairest price, no exaggerated pricing/discounting.

We look forward to how we can assist you in the journey to find the 'perfect' rug.